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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the planets which is one of the reasons why no single object has been misinterpreted as a flying saucer, ufo more often than venus. it's fooled pilots, police and even jimmy carter. the largest ufo group in the world gets sights every month. 95% can be explained away by venus. thanks for joining. thanks for joining. "ac 360" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- we begin with breaking news tonight. wisconsin voters deciding whether their governor should stay or go. could have huge implications for what happens in november during the presidential for election. polls are open for one more hour. we're going to bring you the results as soon as they come in. voters are designing whether to recall republican governor scott walker and replace him with the democrat tom barrett. he's on the right. the effort to get rid of
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governor walker sparked by his move to cut union rights and benefits that in the midst of a state budget crisis. with potentially national significance. we're going to talk it over with dana bash, ari fleischer, and paul begala. we know this is a big turnout. both sides trying to get out of vote. what are you hearing as we enter the final hour? >> the turnout across the state of wisconsin is very, very high. at this point it is for the most part anecdotal. we're talking about lines very long pretty much all day in key areas. when you're talking about the republicans, those pushing for the incumbent not to be recalled, i spoke to a senior official in the state who said he's worried. he reason for that is they are hearing anecdotely and also from their political people on the ground there is record turnout in the county of dane. that is where madison is. and that is for the most part
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pretty liberal. they're worried about that. in fact, one number that he just told me is it's up 118 or 119% from the 2010 election. same goes for milwaukee, the county and city of milwaukee. that would be bad news for republicans. at the same time they also say they're getting good numbers from where they're looking at in the key republican strongholds like where i am right now. so it is really, really a nail biter. >> we'll be watching this county by county. key to the democrats and the biggest key to the republicans. one fascinating key to this is the outside money. $63 million raise sod far. we think it's going to be much more because that's way out of proportion for a state this side. 88% of the people said they decided how to vote before may. i wonder if the people who cut the checks will say that's money well spent. what is the take on the ground
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about this outrageous amount of money? >> nobody can believe it. everybody -- they use the word it is unprecedented. it is astonishing. especially since particularly in the case of governor walker, 70% of his money has come in from out of state. we know over the past days all of this money is targeting a small percentage of the population. also it doesn't cost a lot to run television ads in this state. so already we knew that a lot of the money were going to the efforts we were just talking about, the get out the vote efforts. there's no question there is unprecedented money being spent on that here in this small state of wisconsin. >> and there's a lot of talk nationally, probably too much about this being a prelude to the november election. when you talk to people on the ground there. do they see this as a recall about their governor or romney versus obama come november? >> the honest answer is they're
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not sure. scott walker is polarizing. somebody said there are people who would walk over coals to walk for him and people who would walk over coals to vote against him. those who may vote for him may still be obama voters. they may dislike scott walker not as much as they like president obama. and vice versa. so it's not clear that it's really going to translate into november. what republicans do say they hope regardless of what happens tonight is that the infrastructure that they have been able to build here with all of this get out the vote operation around the state, that that is going to benefit them come november. because in the last election, this was not really officially on the map for arepublicans. democrats did well. they hope to have the infrastructure. >> dana, stick around. let's bring in former white house press secretary of george w. bush ari fleischer and paul begala.
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paul's also a note to the pro-obama super pac. ari, about 26% of barrett's donations came from outside. can you make the case? if barrett loses, can you make the state that out of state voters bought this election? >> i don't think so. what's missing is all the man power that union members provide. the unions have brought in thousands of people from outside of wisconsin. and you know what? i don't blame them. that's how democracies work. that's what happens when you have all the marbles in one election, a special election in the middle of the summer is an election year. and it was hot because of the need for reform versus labor trying to protect the status quo. aye got to say, the biggest thing in my opinion, we should get rid of recalls. it's a bad mechanism for
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government. doesn't matter what party. run, serve your term and take your stand when you're supposed to take your stand. recalls, they'll just put a fear into anybody and everybody that nothing's permanent in politics. i don't think that's healthy. >> paul, you've been in a campaign war room and it comes down to turnout on election day. you look at the exit polling, voters who identify as coming from a union household is 32%. that's up from 2010. democrats say that's good for us. if you look at the other side, there are more elderly voters up from 2010. you'd say republicans are doing their job today. take us inside of campaign headquarters where you can't give a speech, you've got to turn out the vote. >> literally. i got an e-mail from somebody in the democratic war room in wisconsin. this is what they say. regarding turnout as of 4:00 p.m. when they ran the numbers, the numbers we're looking at are closer to 2008 level turnout
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than 2010. that is unprecedented. off year, it's summer time. the brewers are playing. we're looking at turnout patterns both republican and democratic heavy counties. where they may be running out of ballots even. and very democratic city of milwaukee where tom barrett the democratic candidate was the mayor. so i don't like all the money coming in either, but it is great to see people out there and fired up and exercise their rights. >> and ari, a lot of people are saying that this is something for november. when you look at the exit polls they say we have a close race between governor walker and mayor barrett. president obama has a pretty healthy lead. five or six points there. does that assume we leave wisconsin leaning blue and forget about it? or is there an opening for governor romney here? >> john, i think that to harbor something bigger than this
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election. it's for reform. whether or not governments are capable of reining in pensions or whether we have become untouchable. whether or not we're beyond the tipping point. you can no longer take away a benefit somebody has received whether collective bargaining, union rights. i think reform itself is on the line. and that has dramatic implications for all the decisions the federal government has to make. with the massive federal issues involving debts and deficits. >> as we deal with all the issues going forward, your former boss is in the news today. he said mitt romney had a sterling business record and everybody in the obama campaign gasps. then today he was asked about the economy. he said we're in a recession and he says this. >> so does that mean extending the tax cuts? >> well, i think what it means
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they will have to extend -- they will probably have to put everything off until early next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now. but the republicans don't want to do that unless he agrees to extend the tax cuts permanently including for upper income people. i don't think the president is going to do that. that's what they're fighting about. i don't have a problem extending it now including the current spending levels. they're still pretty low. the government spending levels. but i think they look high because there's a recession. >> now, if you listen to all of that, paul, there's some important context. he says the republicans will demand too high of a price and he understands the prt won't want to give it. but he says there's a recession at a time the democratic incumbent is saying there's a recovery. and he says extend the tax cuts at a time the president is saying raise taxes on the rich. a problem there? >> you know how to cover this,
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man. you've been doing it for 21 years. he said very clearly that he thinks the upper income tax cuts should go away and we should go back to the clinton era levels of taxation on the wealthy. >> eventually. >> the only tactical difference is he says for a few weeks kick the can past the new year so you can cut the deal we need to cut with the newly elected congress and the re-elected president. i think people are really blowing this out of proportion. i think over time it's great for president obama. the more clinton is heightened, the better it is for barack obama because he thinks president obama is doing a great job. >> ari, weigh in on the economics of what president clinton is saying now. >> i love paul. paul just did a masterful job of spinning something that's bad for his side. if you're barack obama and his people, the last thing you want is for president clinton to say what he said. it undermines his issue going into the election.
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clinton saying the economy is still in a recession. it's in a recession. it's hard to see how obama can win re-election. that's the core of that matter. but extended tax cuts for everybody does make sense so we can get a permanency in the tax code. that's just going to bring the economy back down again regardless of its status. this is one of those moments of politics where it's a goof and you don't want to be part of it. >> dana take us inside the ground. clinton came to campaign for the democratic campaign. president obama decided not to. democrats in wisconsin are grumbling a bit. what's the conversation on the ground? >> grumbling is a good word for what we're hearing from democrats on the ground. they're not happy because of the fact that they probably -- they feel they could have benefitted from somebody like president obama here helping to raise
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money, helping to raise the profile. particularly since republican heavy weights have come in here as well. the fact bill clinton came certainly helped. we know, i think, politically the reason why president obama didn't want to come in. he didn't want to be that close sli associated with something that could be a losing effort. for bill clinton, he doesn't have the political future that president obama does. but look. the bottom line is there are divisions. can i quickly ad one thing to what you said about the taxes? just from my regular perch on capitol hill, the fact that president clinton said he would potentially take tax cuts off the table will not maybe democrats happy. they have been saying they have a big card. and that is if they sit back and do nothing, taxes go up. that's why they feel they really have republicans there. and president clinton is saying maybe we shouldn't use that card. democrats on capitol hill, again, not happy about that. >> gone from the white house almost a dozen years now, but
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bill clinton still driving to a degree our politics. thanks. let us know what you think. we're on facebook or follow me on twitter. i'll be tweeting tonight when i'm not working the wall here. and mitt romney was campaigning in texas blaming his predecessor for the struggle. why is the romney campaign playing the blame game itself. we're keeping them honest. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath?
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keeping them honest in the presidential campaign. mitt romney is facing hypocrisy for embracing the b-word when it's to his own advantage. b as in blame. to explain the less flattering statistics during his time at massachusetts. like the fact his state was 47th nationwide in job growth on his watch. here's hour eric furstrom explained that. >> he was a basket house.
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if you throw d.c. into the mix, we were 51 out of 51. >> so basically he's arguing that governor romney inherited a disaster of economy and should be applauded for helping it crawl out of the basement. fair enough. keeping them honest, the romney campaign has slammed the obama campaign for using the same slide. what he's very good a at is finding other people to blame. that was a hanty occasion to try to blame the predecessor. how bad things were because of his predecessor. it's an attack governor romney has made repeatedly. the most recent today. >> george w. bush was at the white house for he unveiling of his painting last week, you know, that was an easy -- he's always an easy target. so he's blamed. although after three and a half years people have figured out this is president obama's economy. >> the president is quick to
5:18 pm
find somebody to blame. >> he said he'd bring hope and change. instead he's tried to blame other people. >> governor romney is right, president obama does blame his predecessor when he talks about the economy. >> we inherited a $20 trillion deficit. the other side doesn't like to be reminded of this. >> we inherited an enormous deficit, enormous long-term debt projections. >> after inheriting a trillion dollar deficit. >> after inheriting a $1 trillion deficit. >> i inherited a trillion dollar deficit. >> he also says he inherited a recession. now this is important. mr. romney's campaign is arguing his first year in office as governor shouldn't be counted. that's not something they grant to the president. >> so they're bringing down the gains of his fourth year in
5:19 pm
office which shows the impact of his policies and diluting it with the first year in office when he came in and was 50th in job creation. he inherited a $3 billion projected deficit. >> now just to be clear, gillespie there saying romney's critics are making his record look worse by counting his first year. as a rule they start the clock running january 2009 even though the president didn't take office until january 20th. the financial crisis was still unfolding. joining me now is carrie heely. it's good to see you. let me just ask you. i talked to you about this last night. you said we start the clock at the beginning. did ed gillespie and eric ferhnstrom make a mistake?
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>> -- the administration with one number. 47th in job growth. really it's a progression. you start out and governor romney owns this, absolutely. we were 50th or 51st if you count the district of columbia. the next year he bumped it up to 46. next year, bumped it up to 40th. next year bumped it to 30th. the question is do you give him credit for that progress? yes, i think you do. you look at it as a progression toward increasing our competitiveness amongst the states. also what you see there is positive action. positive momentum toward creating jobs. during that time he brought down unemployment in massachusetts from 5.7% or 5.6% to 4.7%. we haven't seen that under the obama administration. so it doesn't matter whether you include the first year or not. >> it matters if you go out and
5:21 pm
say if you don't count it we did great. when you don't give the president of the united states of the same. >> you have to count it and look at it as a progression. where has the obama administration been able to take the country? the unemployment rate is higher today than when they came into office. as you know for 40 straight months now over 8%. >> but you know how politics works. when you have the two guys go on suggesting if you don't count our first year we're extraordinary. >> but do you embrace the notion of averaging? does that make any sense? does that tell the voters anything? what the voters want to know is what direction are you moving? and move the ball forward. >> under that scenario couldn't president obama say the first year was a disaster. i -- >> but has he got america out of the hole? no. in fact, the unemployment was going up this month tragically with 23 million people unemployed. >> so you're trying to play by two sets of rules.
5:22 pm
>> i say they're not listening to the point which is that using one number, this odd average of the four years to come up with 47th in the nation doesn't really show what happened. which is a progression toward a very positive downward spiral toward full employment in massachusetts. 4.6%. 4.7% is full employment. that's how governor romney left massachusetts. >> the debate in recent days exists because of what those gentlemen who work for the campaign said. could they have said it more clearly? >> perhaps they could have said it more clearly. i spent my life looking at statistics. maybe i see it a little more clearly than they might have. let me just say, it's about progression, progress. and governor romney was moving our state forward to full employment. >> when they say inherited this mess, the republican governors before him. a string of republican governors before him. what did they do wrong? >> well, our state had an economy that was very focused on
5:23 pm
the dot-com bubble or was destroyed by the dot-com bubble and very focused on high-tech companies. and when that dot-com bubble burst, our state was harder hit than virtually any other state in the nation. that's why we went all the way to the bottom down to 51st in the nation in terms of job creation. so i don't think our predecessors did something wrong. there are cycles. and the dot-com bubble was a bubble and it burst. >> let me ask you a question nothing to do with is. we would get a replay of 2008. you remember barack obama and john mccain came off the trail because the country was at a huge fiscal cliff. you do see with the con to con teenage -- he thinks everybody needs to figure it out. if the president gave them that now. do you think what governor romney says, we have a huge problem with the country now. to keep from falling off a cliff, let's reach an agreement.
5:24 pm
extend the bush tax cuts more but i'll give you something you need or are we fighting this out to november? >> i think that is the role of the president right now to sort that out with congress. what i can tell you is that governor romney has a very strong record of bipartisan cooperation, reaching across the aisle. you have to remember and certainly many people don't realize in massachusetts the legislature was 85% democrat when governor romney was in office. so in order to get anything done, to reach out and create those relationships and make those discussions work. and so that's what i would suggest for president obama. >> there was a grand bargain. they both decided not to criticize t.a.r.p. in 2008. we're not in as dire of a circumstance. but potentially dire circumstance. you don't see that happening this year? >> governor romney will always want to do what's best for the country. while i can't speak for him on that point, i'm sure he would put the good of the country
5:25 pm
above any campaign. >> and you're going to go back at headquarters and suggest we all, same clock? >> that we talk about statistics more. absolutely. >> appreciate your time tonight. i kept you from an important party tonight. i apologize for that. >> this was more fun. the polls close in wisconsin in 30 minutes. a shocking announcement from rocker sheryl crowe. she has a brain tumor. we'll talk about her prognosis next. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife.
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frightening diagnosis tonight for singer sheryl crowe. she has a brain tumor. it's benign and she's feeling fine. sheryl crowe is a breast cancer survivor. she tells the las vegas review journal this diagnosis came after she suffered a string of
5:30 pm
memory problems. one happened on stage in florida when she forgot the lyrics to her hit son "soak up the sun." ♪ watch her tv >> oh. what's the words? it's live. i'm 50, what can i say? my brain has gone to [ bleep ]. >> sheryl crowe's representatives say she has one of the most common forms of a brain tumor and does not want to alarm anyone with the news. let's bring in sanjay gupta who is a brain surgeon. i understand you spoke to her this evening. what did she tell you? >> well, she basically started off by saying this is a relative small thing. she described it as a bump in the road. she also said that this tumor that was diagnosed a few monthing ago really has nothing to do with the memory problems
5:31 pm
you showed there. the doctors attributed that to her being a busy person, 50 years old, and life in general. she did get an mri scan at the time and that revealed this tumor. it's on the right side of her brain. she said, john, she also described a burning sensation over her right temple. that heightened her concern for this and caused her to see her doctor. the doctor said she doesn't need surgery but is getting mri scans every few months to keep an eye on things. very good spirits. she seemed to minimize it. >> it's good to hear she's an optimist. many hear brain tumor and think the worst. what common is it? >> it's one of the more common brain tumors. this is typically known as a benign tumor. if you have benign and cancerous, most times it's going
5:32 pm
to be benign. you've probably heard of others who had this. elizabeth taylor had this. it's a tumor who grows between the outer layer of the brain and the brain itself. so it's not actually inside the brain as other tumors are. again, some people depending on how big it is will have it removed right away. other people you sort of watch and wait as is the case with sheryl crowe. many people, they never need an operation or need further treatment. but in a small percentage of cases, it can suddenly start to grow more rapidly. it can become cancerous and require surgery. >> she was treated successfully for breast cancer in 2006. any chance the cancer treatment could have developed the tumor? >> this is an interesting question in medicine and the world of cancer research. the sans we don't know for sure. that has been a speculation out
5:33 pm
there for some time. that breast cancer survivors are more likely to develop it. why that is, it's unclear. it could be a result of the treatment for breast cancer. though it's unclear for sure. they don't know for sure. women are more likely to get it than men. hormone replacement therapy can be a risk factor. radiation can be a risk factor. sheryl told me she had worry about cell phone usage. potentially increasing the chance for a brain cancer or tumor in this case. she doesn't know that for sure. in her case because it is so small, they're keeping an eye on things. >> what's the test for deciding whether you need to remove it? whether it grows some or whether it grows and causes symptoms? >> yeah. great question. there's sort of two things. first of all, her memory problems not caused by this. if they were, if the tumor was in a location that would be
5:34 pm
potentially responsible for memory, that would be a reason for a surgeon to operate. i've operated on patients for that very reason. also it's not only the growth, the size of it, but if it suddenly starts to rapidly grow. you get a scan, it's one size and four months later it's grown more quickly. that's an indication that the tumor can grow quickly and the better sense is to take it out. it's a judgment call. >> not bad when your correspondent is not only a brain surgeon but also can get sheryl crowe on the phone like that. thanks. isha joins us with the bulletin. >> al qaeda's number two man is dead. he was killed by a drone strike in pakistan. al libbi posted videos on websites and played a critical role against the west. it will allow the united nations into the country,
5:35 pm
deliver humanitarian aid. bashar al assad's government also said they're expelling from the country. residents there say regime forces have cut off the town from necessities. suspended the air license in the wake of the air crash. seven u.s. citizens were on that flight which killed everyone on board. a once in a lifetime event in the sew lor system is going on right now. the transit of venus when the planet crosses between the earth and the sun. it appears as a black dot. it won't happen again until 2117. make sure to protect your eyes. >> this here, welders glass. you get to peek and see it. want mine? >> okay. if you can get it to me quickly. >> i'll get it. it's on the way.
5:36 pm
thanks. the jury taking shape for jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial. both sides make tough decisions on who will be seated. and there's a new report tonight the jury will get to see love letters he allegedly wrote to his victims. that's next. comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us. a living, breathing intelligence helping business, do more business. in here, opportunities are created and protected. gonna need more wool! demand is instantly recognized and securely acted on across the company. around the world.
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polls are about to close in wisconsin. we have new exit polls in the recall election. coming up.
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5:40 pm
crime and punishment tonight, jury selection now underway in the jerry sandusky trial. the former coach fighting 52 counts of child molestation. the two sides choose nine jurors from the pool of hundreds. they will call some of sandusky's accusers as their first witnesses. tonight abc news says they plan to back up the testimony with love letters written to the victims in sandusky's own
5:41 pm
handwriting. jason, let's start with the abc report about the love letters bhap have we been able to find out? >> well, this report allegedly refers to victim number four. this is a young man who was allegedly assaulted by jerry sandusky back in 2000. sexually assaulted more than a dozen times according to the grand jury report. and what we are hearing is not only will the prosecution present a letter that sandusky wrote to this young man at the time but letters to other victims as well. we're also hearing about gifts that sandusky allegedly gave to some of these boys over a period of time. phone calls, numerous phone calls he made to their home asking them to join him on trips and other ventures as well. this is just some of the evidence that prosecution plans to present. some of the most damning evidence the prosecution says will come forward is hearing from the accusers themselves
5:42 pm
when they take the stand. the way things are going now, the trial could get underway as early as monday with opening statements. >> i assume because of progress in jury selection. tell us about those chosen so far. >> well, i have to tell you. things have been moving right along. i mean, as you say, so far nine jurors have been chosen. what's interesting about this, four of them have ties to penn state. a lot of people might find that unexpected. let me point out examples here. the person chosens a juror number three, she's a middle aged white woman. her husband at one point worked with john mcqueary. he is the father of mike mcqueary. he is the man who says that more than a decade ago he saw jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a shower at penn state. so you've got this woman who has a relation to the mcqueary family in terms of working at one point. she was chosen for the jury. and at one point joe ammendola
5:43 pm
said i don't want her. the judge said this is such a place so small and penn state is so big you're not going to be to avoid these relations. these kind of relationships cannot be avoided. then, john, jerry sandusky spoke. he said i think she can be fair. she was one that ended up being chosen. >> already a fascinating case about to unfold. thanks. let's bring in mark geragos and former prosecutor sunny hostin. mark, let me start with you. when you hear about love letters, letters he allegedly wrote to the victims, how big of a problem is that to the defense? >> well, depends. you always hear before any of these trials start, there's always a leak right on the eve of jury selection. that's purposely done. usually comes from the prosecution's camp.
5:44 pm
they leak out this nmpls information. they try to make it look at damning as possible. i think we should wait to see what the letter says. the idea there are gifts. this is a coach, somebody in a charitable organization. they're taking at-risk youth. that is not something that necessarily is going to look damning. i agree with the reporter, though. the thing this case is going to turn on number one is obviously jury selection. and number two, how the witnesses come across. and that's what it's going to turn on. it's not going to really matter at the end of the day what the letter says. i highly doubt there's some letter that confesses any that i did it or i had sex with you or anything else. that would have been leaked long ago. my guess is you're going to find that the jury selection determines everything in this case. then those first couple of witnesses are going to be major make or break for the prosecution. >> and sunny, as we wait to get to that point, you say some of
5:45 pm
the decisions today could leave the door wide open on appeal in case sandusky is found guilty. why? >> i'm surprised this jury selection has gone so quickly. seating nine jurors in one day. and i think it's very surprising that these jurors have these types of ties to the players in this case. yes, it's a small town. yes, penn state is a big school. but the bottom line is i'm very surprised that a judge would allow or even the defense would allow a juror that has a close tie to the father of mike mcqueary. her husband practiced with john mcqueary. my husband's a doctor, he tells me about his partners, people he practices with. and you form opinions about those people. right for appeal? i think that's a possibility. i'm also surprised this jury hasn't been sequestered. they walked out, some of the potential jurors, right out of the courthouse to see a throng of media, cameras, reporters.
5:46 pm
i trust juries, but come on. i think it's going to be very difficult for this jury to stay away from the press in this case. >> mark, on this one case. the woman whose husband worked with john mcqueary, he's a probable witness. jerry sandusky says she can be fair bhap do you make of that? >> usually that's when i elbow my client and say look, i'm running this show. not you. unless that was rehearsed and some kind of -- anything but impromptu. my clients wouldn't get away with that. i think to sunny's point, however, there is something to be said. if you move for a change of venue and the judge denies it and then you get into jury selection and the judge says sorry, charlie, i'm not moving this thing because it's a small town and everybody's going to have a relationship. they have just established the very prejudice that supported the motion for a change of venue. and is right for appeals.
5:47 pm
so i don't get it. i'm kind of mystified. unless there's some thought that, look, anybody -- you want to be in a pro-penn state kind of environment and the jurors you're going to get are going to be very pro-penn state. i think a lot of people feel this prosecution is an attack on penn state by proxy. maybe there's some thinking as to that. otherwise it's inexplicable. >> one of the questions early on in any trial is will the defendant testify? sunny, what's your take? at one point giving advice to his attorney. do you see him taking the stand? >> i think in a case like this involving jerry sandusky after he was interviewed by "the new york times" after what he allegedly said in court, this is a defendant who seems to want to talk. i don't think we should be surprised if jerry sandusky indeed takes the stand. he seems to be in my view the
5:48 pm
runaway defendant that i'm sure mark would hate to have. would be elbowing quite a bit in the courtroom. so will we see him on the witness stand? i wouldn't be surprised. >> mark, would you let him or use crazy glue to keep him in the chair? >> this would not be the first defendant who over by objections took the stand. ultimately it's the defendant's choice. but to some degree, you have all those interviews out there. if the prosecution and i've had this happen, we've seen it happen. the robert blake case, for instance. where they play an interview with the defendant so the defendant does not need to take the stand. michael jackson case where they played the martin bashir interview. michael did not have to take the stand. if that happens, he may not have to. but the defense is this guy's a big goof. no better way to present that to the jury than put him on the stand so they can see it's a goof. >> we'll watch it unfold. thanks for your insights tonight.
5:49 pm
up next, another case we're following tonight. the porn star accused of killing and dismembering a man and mailing his body parts to politicians. he's behind bars hundreds of miles away. will he find extradition? the answer coming up. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac
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5:53 pm
that's according to to police. luke magnotta faces first degree murder and other charges in a killing of a student from china. george zimmerman's lawyers have decided to delay filing a motion for a new bail hearing but aren't saying why. the 28-year-old florida murder suspect returned to jail this past sunday after being free foor weeks. a judge revoked his bail after they argued he lied at his initial bond hearing. a legal showdown over california's voter approved ban on same-sex marriage is headed to the supreme court. appeals court today refused to revisit an early ruling that struck down the ban. u.s. stocks finished higher after growth in the service sector. the dow rose 26 points snapping a four-session losing streak. john, queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration ended with a flyover.
5:54 pm
huge crowds cheered as the 86-year-old queen traveled up the mall. she gave thanks in a rare televised broadcast. happy scenes in london town. >> and big happy smiles there. >> i wouldn't go with big, but a small smile. >> relatively for her. >> for her, big smile for her. >> she enjoyed the celebration. great flyover there. thanks. wisconsin poles will be closing within minutes. voters are deciding whether to recall the republican governor and replace him with the democratic challenger. breaking news developments "360" next. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans.
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breaking news. the polls closing in the
5:58 pm
wisconsin polls. hours before we know the final result. stakes high across the country. let's look at the exit polls. here's a fascinating one. tens of millions of dollars maybe 70 million or more spent in this state. 88% of voters say they decided before may. not swayed by the ads. 3% decided today. the big issue here was scott walker's decision to cut bargaining rights. 70% say they support his efforts to do that. 38% say they disapprove of that. an even break down on the far ends of that debate here. look at the key income groups here. these are the key income groups here. let's look at the middle class. between 50,000 and 75,000. a voting demographic key. doesn't want to come up. there we go. finally comes up. walker 50, barrett 49. you've got a close race playing out.
5:59 pm
dana bash is in wisconsin tonight. what are you hearing on the ground adds the polls prepare to close? >> we're hearing it is a nail biter. anecdotely here where i am, this is going to be scot walker's headquarters tonight. they are hearing about record turnout. i just got off the phone with the county clerk in dane county. dane county is where madison is, and madison is a pretty liberal city to put it mildly. she told me in some parts of the city they have 95 to 100% turnout. and she was getting calls from clerks at polling stations all around the country saying that they were just swamped. and that they were asking for more and more voter registration forms because they're the same day voter registration here. that's why you have republicans who are very nervous. you mightee